Shaun Mandelbaum


Interior Designer. Creator. Problem Solver.

A Leader For Discerning Clients

Mandelbaum Design is a full-service firm offering design services for high-end residential design projects; from home staging, selection of furnishings & home decor, through to space planning in the early stages of new construction or renovations, and project management. 

Unique Flare To Interiors

Shaun Mandelbaum’s interior design style is a combination of modern sensibilities with a deep and enriched understanding of history, most especially classicism in architecture and design.

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Interpersonal Experiences

No one said construction is easy. That’s where Shaun Mandelbaum’s interpersonal skills and experience come in. From project conception through to implementation & completion, Shaun Mandelbaum, as the project lead, works closely with clients, realtors, architects, builders, and contractors to ensure a more than exceptional end product.

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About Shaun

Well-rounded interior designer Shaun Mandelbaum’s interior design work and product collection have appeared in elegant homes and commercial spaces across big cities in Florida and Ontario, Canada.

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