Shaun Mandelbaum


About Shaun Mandelbaum

Shaun Mandelbaum

A graduate from the esteemed Ryerson's School of Interior Design in Toronto, Shaun not only specializes in high end residential works, due to his training with some of the city's most established names in design, but has more recently launched Temporalis, a company devoted to rescuing history in a modern way through objects as art pieces for the home.

​Shaun Mandelbaum specializes in high-end residential interior design, working on some of Toronto’s proudest homes as well as summer retreats of Lake Simcoe and the Muskokas.

His style is a combination of modern sensibilities with a deep and enriched understanding of history, most especially classicism in architecture and design. His work is fueled by a commitment to understanding client needs, unique desires, and maintaining an uncompromising attention to precision and detail, in both design and execution. "I like to think the home, and space in general, has the ability to transform, and elevate, the user; whether it be owner or guest- to a place where not only they are given room to breathe and imagine, but live in a way that in itself is aspirational."

Shaun continues to work on projects in Toronto, and the GTA, and has even been involved more recently in revitalizations of historic architecture, as well as prayer space for the Jewish community.