Shaun Mandelbaum


This project is an exploration into the design of the 21st century office. The result is a democratized, and malleable space.

Corner offices are eliminated, now devoted to public use.  Modular workstations slide in and out of one another to either accommodate group or solo work. 

The enclosed offices, optimized in footprint with the use of the wedge, give the sensation of being larger than they truly are. These offices come to surround, and form the entry to small spaces for use by these departments as they see fit; either for work or relaxation. 

There is no greater space to promote dreaming than the home, no better room to share in it with loved ones than the formal living room. -Shaun Mandelbaum

MANDELBAUM DESIGN is an interior design boutique with a highly energetic, talented, and skilled team committed to the satisfaction of their discerning clientele, with projects in the luxury residential sector. The firm offers a complete range of residential interior design services, space planning, project management, interior styling, as well as; most recently- a home staging service to realtors and sellers for the premium sale price of their home or investment properties.