Shaun Mandelbaum


This Is Not A Healing Instrument/ Ceci N’est Pas Une Instrument de Guerison

This piece is a dialogue about what we perceive to be the symbol of a healing instrument; the scalpel- but aims to correct this mentality. 

Surgery is all too often employed as a  remedy to problems that are deeper than a surgical implement could ever penetrate. Cosmetic surgery is occasionally used to fix insecurities that could have been remedied differently, and medical procedures for some could have been avoided with change in lifestyle. In both such cases, the scalpel acts as a temporary solution to the issue. Healing needs to happen; in both cases-from within. 

There is no greater space to promote dreaming than the home, no better room to share in it with loved ones than the formal living room. -Shaun Mandelbaum

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