Shaun Mandelbaum


The Vaulted Path

​Acrylic tubes illuminated from underneath imply a pathway, as well as a contained space through their ascending angle inwards, but maintain connection to the outside. 

Hall of Mirrors

A study in the reflective capabilities of space.​What would a room look like if it were mirrored seamlessly on every plane?The space is solely illuminated from one concealed source as described in section .

The Braided Tunnel

A tunnel meant to climb into, and lounge in, overlooking a picturesque view through a seamless circular window. 

The Beaded Pavilion

This project was an exploration into non-denominational prayer space, and the potential for the development of a unique design language that could come to encapsulate its spirit tangibly; both programatically and aesthetically.  Benches come to  imply and...

Rethinking the Office

This project is an exploration into the design of the 21st century office. The result is a democratized, and malleable space. Corner offices are eliminated, now devoted to public use.  Modular workstations slide in and out of one another to either accommodate group or...

Oakham House, Toronto: Full Restoration of the East Facade

Built by the well known Neo-Gothic architect, and Toronto immigrant William Thomas in 1848 as his primary residence, it  has since slowly deteriorated. The east facade maintains the building's only traces of the past, the interiors having been repurposed over...

Cenotaph to Rothko

Cenotaph to Rothko

A theoretical interpretation of Rothko’s art into dream commemerative architecture. Rothko's work explores the concept of the infinite expanse of the universe depicted through his use of large scale canvases, outfitted with luminous colour planes whose energy vibrates...

The Boat Shul, Toronto

The Boat Shul, Toronto

Nicknamed 'The Boat Shul'- this Orthodox Jewish Synagogue provided opportunity to reinvent the interior through a design language that parallels the ideals of their theology. The result is a fermentation of symbolism, concept, and function, that the congregation...